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Edit Did You Know? Immediately Puck turns his attention to Artie and also pushes him into the walls and threatens to break his legs if he ever says that again to anyone.

Originally Posted by MrDeafMuscle. Blaine seems taken aback by this strange plot point, but it doesn't seem to bother Brittany. Naked photos of lisa ann. Mike chang nude. It is revealed that Quinn is pregnant with Beth. Justice Denzer also rejected the recommendation of the Probation Department that Mr. Quinn votes for Brittany during the school president elections however, Quinn states she's voting for her only because she's the only girl. Sue Sylvester Kevin McHale Boo to Tina Donovan!

Use Caution; Disclose Guesses. Kitty attends to Brittany and Santana's wedding. Brittany - with a Santa hat and sack - is walking down the halls and gives really extravagant and expensive gifts to her friends in the glee club. Hot mexican girls pussy. Puck says he thought of Beth as an accident, but then corrects himself and says she's no accident; he and Quinn gave her life. Sam seemed dissapointed, though only Puck noticed. Quinn is seen with Brittany practicing vocals on the piano, looking rather bored.

He just wanted an excuse to touch them. The Music, The Christmas Album. Glease Brittany is seen giving everyone gifts because she thinks the world is gonna end soon. During a rehearsal of West Side StoryArtie voices his concerns over Blaine and Rachel not being able to properly portray their roles due to them not having lost their virginity yet, unlike their characters.

Questions appear on page Some of them are here, in the school,' San told them, 'I don't know how they got in, but one of them said that they were looking for the choir room.

Burt shows up and tells Kurt he will be home late because he is going to a game with Finn. Michael When Kurt is organizing his stuff for his move to New York, Burt asks why he isn't taking the photo of Blaine and Kurt at junior prom. Brittany mentions to Santana that Rachel has found a new love in New York, suggesting that Brittany pays attention to what Rachel has been doing.

This is clearly staged lol. If the photos were not obviously taken by you they will automatically be considered a violation. Quinn and Brittany, with the other Cheerios, later are seen outside with Sue who is unveiling the new cannon which she intends to shoot Brittany out of.

Beth cries when Quinn holds her, but seems to be comfortable around Puck. He reveals his audition was cancelled and will be staying longer.

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Don't really know what to say here. Black girl need pussy too. They dance together in Empire State of Mind. They are on Rachel's list of Glee Club members who "are not pulling their weight. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Mike didn't know what else to do so he fingered himself and then placed his fingers into Blaine's mouth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blaine apologizes to Artie and Tina, both angry about the unfairly handled situation, and ultimately decides to include both of them in what he plans to be a valedictorian performance instead of a speech. Brittany is seen giving everyone gifts because she thinks the world is gonna end soon.

Slightly uncomfortable with the situation, Artie invites Becky to watch him, Mr. Mike chang nude. Vivien Allender May 19th, Both Brittany and Kurt are shocked to see Blaine without hair gel, as a rule set by Brittany for the prom.

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In order to get over missing Kurt, Blaine starts to sign up for several school clubs and organizations, including Student Council President, where Brittany is also running again for a second year. Ashley force nude. She also refuses to participate in it, even though everyone else seems to be dancing and having fun.

When Mike returns after his performance, Brittany is seen with her hand on Tina's shoulder, suggesting that she had maybe been comforting Tina when Mike had been performing. Stay truthful to his boyfriend and refuse to participate in this event that he definately wants to be a part of, Take part and break up with Kurt, or Retrieved December 7, This was more than Blaine expected so he devoured Mike's fingers, sucking on each one, taking in all the flavours and then begging for more once again.

When she sees that Blaine left Tinashe asks Tina to dance with them. Schuester is lecturing the Glee Club for lip syncing, Blaine replies to Will and says that they were just trying to help Brittany.

Later, Artie mentions to Blaine that Sugar asked him out on horseback riding date, and that he accepted. Becky reveals that she's afraid of what other people will say about her disability, but Artie tells her that she needs to face her fears in order to overcome them.

At the competition, Mike and Brittany perform a spectacular swing-inspired dance number together to Santana's solo Valeriehelping New Directions secure their second consecutive victory.

Retrieved May 1, They might have dated in season one. Brittany says that she used to look up to their relationship in high school and that gave her encourage to dating with Santana. Seeing as he is also disabled, she picks Artie.

Start your free trial. It soon becomes clear that Rory has romantic feelings for Brittany, when he tries to ask her out to dinner, although she rejects due to having already arranged plans with Santana. Prom Queen While talking with Santana, Brittany tells her that she is probably going to be a bridesmaid at Tina and Mike's wedding, implying that they are close friends.


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